Peter Fagiola

Original music, honoring tradition, imagination &
the creative potential of a harmonious, peaceful world

Peter performs on a wide variety of acoustic instruments including marimba, pakhawaj, and frame drums. He integrates computer based sonic sculpting, signal processing, MIDI and sampling technology as part of his expressive and compositional tools. His music incorporates Indian, West African, modern and classical musical concepts, along with Jazz sensibilities and non-conventional melodic, harmonic and rhythmic devices. Structure, dialogue and improvisation are important elements of the compositions. The sonic and tonal palette employed are a synthesis of acoustic, electronic and organic sourced timbres, textures and atmospheres, creating a strong connection to the inner and outer world. The intent of the music is to promote optimism, adventure and self-discovery.

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Produced by Rasotpatti Records
Published by Pushkar Music/ASCAP
Track photo for Titan Swamp Romp by Matt Dimakos
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The Organic Image Sound Series
Collaboration with image artist Matthew Dimakos

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